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Bbc are we still evolving

Bbc are we still evolving

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We have still not found the missing link between us and apes Even before Darwin formalised the idea of evolution through natural selection. Evolution is driven by reproduction, but is this still true for humans? As James May explains, we have been turning most of the process of. To understand our future evolution we need to look to our past.

In this Spotlight, we provide evidence for modern human evolution. Does Charles Darwin's theory of evolution still apply to modern humans? . Sabeti, a geneticist at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, told the BBC. Dr Alice Roberts follows a trail of clues to discover if we are still evolving. We have developed technologies that shelter us from the harshness of the . Horizon: Are We Still Evolving? will be on BBC Two at on.

As long as we continue to reproduce at different rates, we can't stop evolving. However, selection pressures on us have changed. Modern medicine means that . Is the human race still evolving? If so, what When humans left Africa 60, years ago, they spread out over the entire planet. Humans A BBC Production. Directed by Oliver Bootle. With Alice Roberts, Cynthia Beall, Mark Hodson, Steve Jones. Dr Alice Roberts asks one of the great questions about our species: are. Are humans still evolving by Darwin's natural selection? [online] Available at:


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